Reinventing current billiards training and match methods

Billygo®: alphago in billiards

Developing core technologies for a historic billiards match of Human vs Machine    

Automatic Training & Match System

Enabling systematic training by providing unlimited repetitions to achieve training goals under certain circumstances.

Remote Training and Matches

No matter where your player is, each player can match with another player. We can solve an issue in regards to spatial distance.

Maximizing Learning Capacity

Billiards is an intellectual sport based on mathematics and physics. It also trains focused attention and thinking as well as manners, which are particularly helpful for the youth’s mental growth.

Revitalizing the Billiards Industry

By issuing a BillyGo:coin cryptocurrency based on a blockchain platform, we are making a billiards ecosystem that is beneficial for all billiards communities.

Enlarging the Billiards Community

We are planning to install the BillyGo system in your home, billiards cafe, schools and sports facilities, which will enlarge the number of billiards club members.

Patented Technologies

System using patents on billiards, computer vision, blockchain, robotics, monitoring, and wireless mesh networking, etc.


A.I.-based Billiards Training & Match System

We are targeting to develop a BillyGo system, particularly consisting of only 3 cushion billiards known as the essence of sports, sciences, and arts amongst billiards games. BillyGo can overcome all of the inherent issues such as location restrictions and tedious training.

BilliGo Concepts (English version)

BillyGo Concepts (Korean version)

Join us to learn and train billiards.

A.I.-based Training and Match

Systematic learning and training using patented A.I. (computer vision, deep learning, monitoring, big data, and robotics) and Blockchain technologies.


Remote Training and Matches

No matter where you are, remote training and matches are realized by BillyGo.

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Patents List

Billiards Training

Computer Vision and Robotics


Security and Blockchain

Monitoring Behaviors

Computer Vision

Anti-Cheating from Online Games


Makeup Science

Augmented Reality and Ambient Intelligence

Anti-Theft and Loss

Context Awareness and Mobile Networking

Self-Organizing Network (SON)

Wireless Mesh Networking

Billiards Practice & Training

BillyGo system is only designed to focus on 3 cushion billiards games. After a successful launch, then it will be able to cover up supporting other billiards games, i.e. 4 balls game, pocket balls, etc.

3 Cushion Billiards

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Billiards Physics

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Billiards Terms

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Our Partners

BillyGo wants to be an official sponsor and a system provider for all three cushion billiards matches.

All about Billiards

여가 스포츠로서의 당구, 프로 스포츠로서의 당구

한국스포츠정책과학원 스포츠산업, 신선윤 2016 WINTER vol. 137 77-85

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July 9, 2019 0

당구 큐와 당구공 속 놀라운 과학 원리

YTN 사이언스 (May 15, 2014) 놀거리라는 편견을 깨고 당당히 대한민국의 이름을 널리 알리고 있는 스포츠 ‘당구’ 당구용품은 어떠한 과정을 통해 만들어질까요? 당구 큐, 당구공의 제작 과정에는 섬세하고 놀라운 과학 원리가[…]

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국내 최대 저변 프로당구 출범 선포…남은 과제는?

YTN NEWS Published on Feb 24, 2019 [앵커] 국내 천2백만 명의 동호인이 활동하는 당구에 프로리그가 출범합니다. 세계 최대 저변에 정상급 선수도 있는 만큼 어느 때보다 흥행 기대가 크지만, 출범까지 남은[…]

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June 3, 2019 0

Our Awesome Team

Many talents are here altogether to accomplish our targeted objectives.

Myongsu Choe, Ph.D.

Founder & Tech. Advisor

Innovator/Inventor, Professor and Computer Scientist

We wish to invite an extraordinary CEO.



We want to invite a marketing expert.

Marketing Manager


Seyoung Choe, LL.B./J.D.

Legal Counsel

Canadian Lawyer, Toronto, Canada

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